(Koh-uh-les) Verb.

(1) to unite, grow or come together to form one mass or whole

The current outcome of plastic pollution in modern society is devastating. Everyone must now realise the implications of everyday plastic use and just how damaging convenient single-use plastics are. We must create a change within the plastics industry to reduce production and promote less-waste living.


Coalesce introduces the idea that in order to achieve sustainability, all facets of society must unite. Through this we can achieve greater conservation goals, and lead the following generations of this world towards a sustainable future for all.


This film will highlight the beauty and fragility of the ocean, and the Cornish coastline. It will be looking at the issues that have an affect on the health and well being of this environment, specifically ocean plastics and pollutants. It will look at how current efforts are being implemented, and the work that is being done to educate and raise awareness among the young communities around Cornwall.


The outcome of this project is to raise awareness to the general public about the importance of actively reducing the amount of plastics and pollutants we create day to day, and showcase the incredible programmes already underway around Cornwall that are actively teaching younger generations about the importance of marine conservation, providing them with better knowledge and skill sets, that will set them up to live active, leading roles in shaping future conservation.


Who is Involved?

Vinny Stelzer
Surfers Against Sewage
Otter Surfboards
The Wildlife Trust Your Shore Beach Rangers 
Fathoms Free
Rame Peninsula Beach Care
Camp Kernow
Friends of Portheras Cove\Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition 
More Coming Soon
This is an ongoing project, if you feel you would like to get involved or would simply like to pass on your thoughts, then please get in touch.
Thank You
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